Monday, January 10, 2011

Preparing for a Weather-Induced Power Outage

Flat-head shovel and car clearing tool brought inside.

All of the laundry is clean.

The dishes are all clean.

A fairly useless tub cleaned so it can hold water for
dishwashing, toilet-flushing, handwashing, etc.

Electric Coleman lantern charging
(and all other flashlight batteries refreshed).

Fetching of cast iron cookery for use in fireplace.

Spare blankets and sleeping bags in proper storage area.

Containers collected for holding extra drinking water.

Mediocre Ingenuity: tap water in gallon-sized ziploc bags,
separated by cardboard in an effort to keep them for
freezing into a wrinkled-together mess.  These went into the
freezer and will be used for cooking water as I can't stand
the plastic-flavor for drinking water.  If all else fails they
can be used for ice packs, etc at a later date.

Split wood stacked inside for when a fire needs to be started.

A well-stocked freezer.

A well-stocked pantry--stocked with food we actually eat.

Draft pillows in place for areas of the house that are
closed off during outages (to concentrate fire heat).

The generator has fuel and did a trial run this afternoon
(charging the camper batteries) to make sure all was
hunky-dory prior to need.

We're all set for the ice.