Friday, December 16, 2011

Great-uncle Jack's Christmas Dinner

Today we found out about the traditional Christmas Dinner that happened at my great-uncle Jack's house.

He and Aunt Catherine had six children (which I'm sure chaffed my grandmother's zero-population growth sensibilities).  They would enjoy tacos for their holiday dinner.  It required so much prep work (browning, dicing, grating...) that they wouldn't have tacos very often, so it was a special meal for a special occasion in their household.

At least that's how the family lore tells it.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Advent, Maybe

We're behind.

Things have been a bit hectic with Cub Scouts, Grandma's move, and life in general.  We managed to get the tree up this weekend...and mostly decorated.  We found suitable white candles for our advent wreath we started assembling in 2006 (and have yet to use)--we're still in search of an adequate purple pillar to use with it.  The Jesse Tree ornaments I cross-stitched before Wee-one was born are MIA--hopefully we'll find them in time to use this spring.

We have not managed to integrate any of the Danish traditions we were wanting to explore this season.

We found our stack of Advent cards and finally utilized them today.  No credit or copyright is designated on them and I don't recall where we got them from.  They've been puttering about in our collection of holiday paraphernalia but we kept forgetting to do them.  We're starting where we are, instead of trying to catch up on the ones we missed.  We intend to do them at bedtime--read the blurb, read the scripture, play the hymn from our hymnbook discs, and go to bed with visions of our Savior dancing through our head.