Sunday, January 15, 2012

Farm-to-Table: Flock Swap

We attended a flock swap as part of our farm-to-table studies for this season.  It was pretty nifty.  There was an easily walkable variety of critters and folks, and we believe we have determined which chicken varieties we want to attempt.

We're planning to pursue Brahmas, Delawares, and Orpingtons. Tis a real pity we don't have our coop set up yet because I would have come home with these beauties!

Dark Brahma Standard pairs

The boys were enamored with the baby rabbits that were available as well, but I hold the same philosophy as a friend of mine who stated: Our animals need to provide a functional service, we all have to work for our food.  I don't have the mental constitution for skinning and eating rabbits at this time.  Too much of a city girl.