Monday, October 31, 2011

Reading to Brother

Wee-one reading to El Torro during lessons.

Oh No!!

I had a moment to post some of the things that have occurred, so I fetched the SD card with the photos so I could download them to the computer and then create my blogposts.

Only to discover that I pulled a bonehead move a few days ago that resulted in the reformatting of the card.  *sigh*

So no pictures of the fishing trip with our Cub Scout Pack (I had taken pics for the other parents as well).  I don't remember what else was on there, sometimes I have to rely on the pics to remind me of some of our activities and going-ons.

Shame on Mama!  Oh well.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Outdoor Hour #2: Using Your Words

So it's only been three years since we last participated in the Outdoor Hour Challenges...but we finally got our behinds in gear and put some purpose in our stroll.

We were delayed, first by dawdling over lessons, then by our very first teleclass participation.  My closed shoes are nowhere to be found (logically) so we didn't go into the back woods because mama don't play that habitat in flip-flops.  We strolled across the front yard, up the old driveway, and down the street to the stop sign before heading back home.

Of course in the shoe-hunt mayhem I forgot to bring along a camera to take pics of the things we spied: the wildflowers at the abandoned house across the street, a couple of black beetles, a carolina wolf spider, and a couple roadkill insects.  The boys also found a couple of dried out earthworms that made enough of an impression to journal about.  The vultures are back, but with the trees still leafed it's difficult to determine the quantity.

Shortly after we returned inside we spied a vulture walking across the front yard--they're a lot bigger up close than they seem to be in the treetops!

The boys' auditory observations included the wind rustling the leaves, crickets and other noisy insects, and little dogs barking inside a neighbor's house.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

31 Day Challenge: Being Rushed Home To

UPDATE (11/11/11):  Life got pretty insane for me and I didn't get a chance to complete as I had desired.  If I get the opportunity--and the burst of inspiration to complete the thoughts that spurred this list--I'll finish these posts and link accordingly.  Otherwise, I'm taking the Creative Memories approach and starting with NOW, catching up the past as I can.  Though, if you've noticed my various "placeholders" in the homeschooling blog, you'll observe the likelihood of this pipe dream coming to fruition. I guess we'll take it as proof that I still bite off more than I can chew--but this is also testament to the fact that I put my family first rather than my pet project/s.  Right??