Friday, April 13, 2012

Family Lore Friday: A Table of Bread

Mom followed up her "I learned about Joy when I was a kid" story with an "I learned about yeast in the ninth grade" story:

While at a friend's house (note a recurring theme here?) they decided to make some bread for her friend's family.  Mom's friend had watched her mom make bread lots of times.  They also decided that instead of making one batch, they should double it.

Her friend's mom came home to a table full of bread dough that needed to be taken care of.

Mom is careful with her yeast measurements now.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Family Lore Friday: A Lesson in Joy

When my mother was a child, around mid-elementary school age, she had gone over to a friend's house in the neighborhood to play.  The opted to blow bubbles, and because they wanted super bubbly bubbles, they used a considerable amount of dish detergent.

So much dish detergent that their bubble-blowing activity left the porch with a sticky residue that the friend's mother required they clean up.  Mom said she doesn't remember how many hours it took them to rinse that porch--the more they rinsed, the more bubbles they got.

To this day she will not touch Joy dish soap--it makes too many bubbles!