Thursday, December 2, 2010

Battleship North Carolina

After we finished at the Historic Burgaw Depot, we decided to continue the approximately 20mi to the USS North Carolina to check it out---y'know, since we were there anyway.  Now, this had not been part of our original plan for the day.  We noted the billboard on our way to Burgaw, and since Burgaw took no time at all (compared to House in the Horseshoe last year), we decided to check it out in anticipation of our upcoming studies of World War II.

The Visitor Center had a short movie (on loop) about the USS North Carolina that was narrated by a gentleman who served on another ship and witnessed some of work of the North Carolina.  During one battle it was thought the North Carolina was on fire because they were firing off so much artillery the resultant smoke was hanging thick about the ship.  Also in the Visitor Center is a model of each of the USS North Carolinas commissioned throughout the history of the United States Navy.

A model of the original USS North Carolina, a ship of the line
 authorized by Congress in 1816.

Eldest said that if he had served on the USS North Carolina
he would have liked to be assigned to Turret 1.   Wee-one
said he would have liked to work one of the deck-mounted
machine guns.

Tight sleeping quarters.  This isn't even a "room," it's an area that is
passed through to get from one section of the ship to another.
A sign on the patio of the Visitor Center where lunches can be enjoyed
looking out over the Battleship and its mooring slip off the Cape Fear River.

Another USS North Carolina has been commissioned. 

(Each USS North Carolina hyperlink in this blogpost takes you somewhere different...check them out!)

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