Saturday, February 5, 2011

WWII: V is for Victory

Due to weather interference (we don't do lessons when DH is home, we utilize the time to be with him) and sickies we're a a bit behind on our original schedule for our World War II unit studies.  We did finish the segment that revolved around Sylvia Whitman's V is for Victory, but the pamphlet (book report) wasn't completed before the book had to be returned so it's in a state of limbo.  We'll have to interlibrary loan the next time we're at the library.  No credit given for that bit yet.

To go along with the V is for Victory we did a lapbook for the State of Hawaii, since Pearl Harbor was the event that finally involved the United States in the war.

We 3-hole punch all of our lapbooks so we can store them in a binder.
One binder per 'school' year.

We also use a couple of supplemental lapbook/notebooking pages
found here and here.
We modify the large envelopes to hold the 'reading material' from the
lapbook pdf.

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