Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I just packed 109 editions of National Geographic into one of the cubbies in our main Expedit. Five others are sitting on another shelf--they tie in with some of our studies from this past year.

The gal we picked them up from said she had "a couple years" of NatGeos they were looking to pass on....9.5years is a lot more than I was expecting. I found a place to stash them, but now I feel like I need some way of organizing or categorizing them so it's easier for us to locate ones that ties in with our studies; or to follow-up a line of conversation.

Maybe when we have broadband I can see if there's a master index of NatGeos from the 90s. One more reason I need to invest in Readerware and a cats-eye scanner---make it easier to see what resources we DO have, and where to find them in our house.

Regardless, the kids were fully engrossed throughout the rest of our errands and on the way home. Wonder if we'll find them burrowed in NatGeos in the morning, or if they'll be ankle-deep in Legos (as usual).
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