Saturday, October 1, 2011

31 Day Challenge: Being Rushed Home To

UPDATE (11/11/11):  Life got pretty insane for me and I didn't get a chance to complete as I had desired.  If I get the opportunity--and the burst of inspiration to complete the thoughts that spurred this list--I'll finish these posts and link accordingly.  Otherwise, I'm taking the Creative Memories approach and starting with NOW, catching up the past as I can.  Though, if you've noticed my various "placeholders" in the homeschooling blog, you'll observe the likelihood of this pipe dream coming to fruition. I guess we'll take it as proof that I still bite off more than I can chew--but this is also testament to the fact that I put my family first rather than my pet project/s.  Right??

My participation in this Challenge has been moved to my new brain-emptying blog so I'm not cluttering up this blog I intended for homeschooling and micro-farming.  The badge above is correctly linked for the change.

As the nurseling allows, I'll link the individual posts here as well for your convenience (since I decided to move all things water-cooler AFTER I posted my badge to the collection of 31 Dayers).

Day 1:  Being Rushed Home To
Day 2:  Rush Home
Day 3:  Meals to Rush Home To
Day 4:  Tackle It Tuesday--
Day 5:  Make Home a Haven--Week 1
Day 6:  Compassionate Service
Day 7:  Walk the Talk
Day 8:  Honoring Strengths
Day 9:  Family Time to Rush Home To
Day 10:  A Table to Rush Home To
Day 11:  Tackle It Tuesday--Rain Gauge
Day 12:  Make Home a Haven--Week 2
Day 13:  Preventing Self-Martyrdom
Day 14:  Walk the Talk
Day 15:  Yours, Mine, Ours
Day 16:  Traditions to Rush Home To
Day 17:  A Pantry to Rush Home To
Day 18:  Tackle It Tuesday--Shoes
Day 19:  Make Home a Haven--Week 3
Day 20:  A Routine to Rush Home
Day 21:  Walk the Talk
Day 22:  A Time for Two
Day 23:  Get the Kids Involved
Day 24:  A Kitchen to Rush Home To
Day 25:  Tackle It Tuesday--
Day 26:  Make Home a Haven--Week 4
Day 27:  A Walk in the Park
Day 28:  Walk the Talk
Day 29:  Communication to Rush Home To
Day 30: 
Day 31:  Make Home a Haven--Week 5

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