Friday, March 30, 2012

Family Lore Friday: Nuthin'

During a conversation about how parents know when a kiddo has been up to "something," Mom shared a story about one of my cousins.  This cousin is about halfway between Mom's age and my age, and when Mom was a teenager she lived with her sister's family.  One night, my cousin was overheard talking in her sleep.  She spoke one single word:  "Nuthin'."

Mom said she wondered what she was dreaming about.


Other evening lore about this fabulous cousin of mine during her childhood:

Some evenings mom would walk down the hall to use the restroom, and notice my cousin's bedroom light was on.  And it was still on when she walked back.  A shortwhile later my uncle was at her room telling her to go to sleep.  Mom remembers my cousin asking how it was known that she was still up.  Hehehehe....parents have their ways!  ;)

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