Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Adventures in Nebraska

We headed out to Cabela's in Sidney, Nebraska.  There aren't any within easy distance of our home (though we do enjoy Bass Pro Shop) so we decided to go adventuring there.

DH, Grandma, and the kids found sunglasses that worked for them, I found some little travel binoculars with a compass for the boys (since I left their binoculars, compasses, and leaf presses at home unintentionally), and I picked up a hip pack that has removeable shoulder straps to replace my purse while we're here--to better enable my functionality on our adventures.

The top of a massive taxidermy display in the store.

After grabbing some lunch on the go we headed back towards the Wyoming border--only to be stopped towards the end of a construction zone by a dark blue pick-up truck parked sideways across the only lane of traffic.  As we came to a stop behind the traffic ahead of us we noticed some similar pick-ups with flashing blue lights coming up the on-ramp, escorting a massive truck with a long string of fully-armed humvees behind it....and two very low-flying helicopters flying back and forth across the interstate surveying the surroundings.  Once the convoy was on the interstate our line of traffic was allowed to continue forward.  They all stayed in the right lane, and even waved us around when we got to the transporter.

Our deductions?  Once they got that truck moving they weren't stopping or slowing down for anything.  The blue pick-ups blocked subsequent on-ramps until the convoy passed so there wasn't any merging concerns--same reason for the interstate traffic being stopped when the convoy was merging on.  It was really interesting to observe it all, and I'm really grateful that they didn't block the interstate until they arrived at their destination---that would have been a really inconvenient pain.

DH, ever the comedian, joked that it must be Obama's teleprompter.  He also suggested I take pics of the entourage, etc.  I explained that if they had that much firepower escorting it, I didn't need to be getting anybody's goat up by snapping pictures for the kids' scrapbook.  They'll just have to engrave it on their brain instead.


  1. I think DH's comment was the best ever. BEST.EVER.

  2. Yeah, he comes up with some beauts. :)