Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Things to do in Cheyenne

We only had the afternoon and evening with Grandma.  The original plan was to head to the State Museum, but there were a couple of errands to run first.  After errands, we swung past the Tree House that Urban Forestry runs to find out the hours.  We also found out that they have an exploratory room in their office that we are welcome to venture into and observe at our own pace and interest.

Next, we headed to the Children's Garden to get their hours and their calendar of events.  What an AWESOME facility!!

We finished off our afternoon out with a stop at the library.  They moved to a new location since we were last here and it is FABULOUS!  The entire second floor is the kids and teens section, with the teen nook quarantined from the younger crowd.  A homeschooling open house was just finishing up when we arrived so we snuck in and signed the kids up for a couple of book club events that are happening during our visit.  The library also has a weekly chess club for Eldest's age range, and an oversized chess game with hollow plastic pieces that are about knee-high on me.  Oh, and their selection of pioneer related materials is fantastic (as one would hope given that some four trails pass through Wyoming).

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