Saturday, November 19, 2011

Last Race of the Year

We really enjoy getting together with our HotWheels club.  Every few months we'll overrun a fellowship hall or community center for the better part of a Saturday to buy-sell-trade little $1 car-cars and to race on a 50-foot downhill track.

A club is only as good as you make it, and it takes more than one person to make it.  DH stepped up to assist with the racing and now manages the racing and the points for those participating in the year-long points race.  I assist with the front door, collecting entry frees and table fees, distributing entry raffle tickets, assisting with race sign-ups and accepting the fees for racing.  Another couple manages the lunch that is included in the entry fee.  A father and (grown) son team manage the assembly and dis-assembly of the track. And another gentleman keeps it all running and handles the funds.  Somebody else handles the customs competitions.

Anyway, back to the's our favorite part of the gathering.  At the beginning of the year we received permission to have a "car number" for El Torro to participate in the points race while he was still in utero. and a car was run for him during the shows he was still baking in the oven.  He "participated" in his first show just before he was a month old and won the mainline race.  We all got something of a chuckle out of that.

The chuckle became an all-out guffaw this afternoon when it was realized that this one-toothed babe was the points champion for the mainline class.  We suspect the rules will be changed next year--it will be put up to a vote by the general membership (because another member was winning races without being present as well).

I don't have any pictures from today, but when I find which photographic devise the race winner pics are located on I'll post those.  *lol*

A good family time, every time!  We can't wait for the "season" to begin again in February (or March).

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