Monday, November 14, 2011

Ultimate Frisbee

For some reason I thought Ultimate Frisbee and Disc Golf were synonymous--kind of like Best Foods and Hellman's.  But they're not.  Which we found out when we showed up for an introductory clinic for Ultimate Frisbee with an area league that is looking to possibly start an elementary/middle school team.

I like the idea of Ultimate--lots of action, but designated as non-contact.  The boys seemed to like it overall, but got their knickers in a wee-bit of a twist because some other kids were "hogging" during the game play.  A few observations resulted from that: a) there is no "I" in "team" and trying to put it in there results in no scores; b) having a fuller grasp of the game play prior to actually playing would be helpful; c) putting three puny-like geek-esque homeschooled boys on one team can potentially stunt any hope for scoring--especially if #b has been neglected.

We had a good time though, and it's unfortunate that I have not figured out how to orchestrate a means for these three boys to practice what they started to learn in a functional and helpful manner.  However, they did earn their Ultimate Beltloops and that finished off Eldest's Sportsman pin.  And they ran about so much that Wee-one practically crawled over to sit on the floor at my feet when there was still 30minutes left to the event.  *two thumbs up*  And it was exceptionally kind of the facilitators to include Wee-one at all since he did not meet the minimum age requirement.

Practicing tossing a frisbee.
Running laps to start warm-up.
They made warm-ups silly fun with high-step runs...
...zombie walks...
...and a move to free up the ball-and-socket of the hip,
but it looked like The Monkees met Jazzercise or something.
I don't think he quite understood that he was supposed
to be defending, or blocking, the pass during this drill.
Taking a break from cheering the game by checking out the flooring material.
Group pic at the end of the 90-min clinic. 
I've notated the young coach that engaged Wee-one when he was getting
mopey during warm-ups, a homeschooling friend from our Pack
that joined us at the clinic, and Eldest. 
Where's Wee-one you ask?
He decided he'd had enough and sat near me.

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