Friday, August 13, 2010

Lego Lessons

Lessons that could be learned (or practiced) with Legos:

-Math: counting
-Math: sorting
-Math: calculating scale for models
-Art: architectural design
-Art: aesthetics--paying attention to how the eye is drawn to/along the design; as in photography: leading lines, fore/mid/background, rule of thirds, lighting...
-Art: color (and the use thereof--integral to aesthetics)
-Creative Play
-Planning: layout, determing supplies needed
-Money-management: planning how to get and manage funds to increase lego supply and feed builds/Lego addiction
-Presentation/Public Speaking (if involved in a group, or a public display)
-Logistics of transporting displays safely
-Teamwork when involved in group displays, group builds, or group events

Of course this list would be longer if the Mindstorm/NXT was involved. :D

Which Lego Lessons can you add to the list??

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