Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mowing Down

Due to rain, a broken drive belt, then a broken deck belt, and DH getting sick last weekend, our yard didn't get mowed for at least 3wks.  Fortunately, it was mowed last night!

We found a large white capped mushroom over in the side yard.  I took some pictures but they're on DH's camera (my phone spazzed out).

A small, dark toad was hiding underneath the grill.  The kids and I herded it up to the mound so it was out of harm's way while mowing.  Those pics are on the other camera as well.

When I took some water out to DH he was corraling a baby snake to move it out of the way.  It had snapped at him--his eyes were clouded over so he's preparing to shed soon.  We tucked him underneath the back stoop so he'd be protected.

DH also said the 5-lined skinks were freaking out and instead of hiding up underneath the lip of our vinyl siding were leaping off the brickwork in front of the lawn tractor...except for one tiny juvenille that was maybe two-inches nose to tail--he went in the opposite direction along the bricks.

No pics of the skinks or snake, but when I get a chance to post pics I'll dig out the pic of a snakeling that was flushed out of the grass a few years ago, it's the same markings.

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